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City View - Original Photography 5x7 Print

City View - Original Photography 5x7 Print

I've done quite a bit of traveling over the years, and I've captured some beautiful images. Instead of keeping them all to myself, I've decided that I want to share them.

These prints are not just your typical 5x7 prints. These are 'fatázerágraphy' prints! What is that, you ask? The photo is transferred to a plastic type paper using toner in powder form. The process is technically called 'xerography', but since it's being used for photos, I've invented the term fatázerágraphy as a phonetic combination of photography and xerography.

These prints have an extra bonus. When you look at them, it will appear that they have depth. I've never seen this on a picture before now. The powder toner and how it is applied to the paper is what does this. It really makes the print stand out even more. It's an almost 3 dimensional look!

Each print comes with a sturdy cardboard display. You can use it either horizontally or vertically if you don't have a frame. I also sign and date the back of each one for authenticity. These will be shipped in a cardboard stay flat mailer.

I will be adding to this collection!