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Harry Potter Lip Balm (Vegan)

Harry Potter Lip Balm (Vegan)

8.99 USD
Everyone loves lip balm! It's fun, useful and we're always running out. These also make great gifts for those fandom lovers in your life.

Each set has four 'flavors' in a vegan lip balm base with organic flavor oils and/or essential oils. They are butter soft on your lips!

Ingredients in the vegan lip balm base are candelilla wax, carnauba wax, castor oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.

** Harry Potter - Butterbeer Mustache (butterscotch vanilla), Merlin's Beard (coffee pecan praline), Lily's Love (raspberry apple), Pumpkin Juice Spice (apricot pumpkin)


Fandoms available - see other listings to purchase!

** Disney - Main Street Sweets (pecan praline), Poisoned Apple (apple licorice, Popcorn Bucket (popcorn), The Whipped Dole (pineapple)

** Doctor Who - Time Lock (raspberry vanilla), Dalek Asylum (chocolate peanut butter), Guard the Tardis (apricot pumpkin), Time of the Doctor (brandy apple)

** Haunted Mansion - Earl grey rose, raspberry lemonade, cinnamon brandy, graham cracker coffee. (These were created with the idea of what scent would match each portrait.)

** Mystery Mix - It's a surprise! (When lip balms are being made, sometimes there is just a tiny bit left from a batch. It's too much for the tube and not enough for a new one, so it's all poured into one container. These mystery mixes are made from that container, and they smell amazing.)

** Star Trek - Live Long & Prosper (licorice vanilla), Beam Me Up (pecan praline graham cracker), He's Dead Jim (spearmint brandy), Make It So (earl grey cranberry)

** Star Wars - The Force (cinnamon brandy), The Dark Side (chocolate peanut butter), Jedi Mind Trick (popcorn), Vader's Wrath (licorice vanilla)

** Supernatural - I'm Batman (apple), Tastes Like Molecules (peanut butter), I Lost My Shoe (butterscotch), They Ate My Tailor (coffee)


What others are saying -

"They are awesome, especially for those no-makeup days but you still want to have soft lips!"

"I love the selection - so creative!"


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