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Marauder's Map Luggage Tag (Harry Potter)

Marauder's Map Luggage Tag (Harry Potter)

Most of us travel. At some point, we decide to brave the skies and fly. When we do, we have to stand and wait for our luggage to be unloaded. As the motorized belt moves slowly, we search bag upon bag looking for ours - many are identical - so we tie something personalized or brightly colored on to the handle in an effort to locate our belongings easier and to avoid the embarrassing "that's my luggage" confrontation. That is what prompted me to create these tags.

The double sided tag measures 4 1/2" x 3", and it comes with a plastic loop. (You can replace the loop with your own brightly colored string or wire, if you want, to make it stand out even more.)

I have other characters, as well.


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"This luggage tag is absolutely adorable!"

"Love it! Great product!"

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"Wicked tag. It's going right on my duffle."