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Severus Snape Keychain Zipper Pull - Harry Potter Inspired

Severus Snape Keychain Zipper Pull - Harry Potter Inspired

Ever get tired of fumbling around for the zipper when you reach for your purse?

Or maybe you'd like a new keychain to dress up your keys featuring your favorite movie/TV character? Or your furbaby or kid? (These can be personalized!)

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Made of nickel free, antique bronze plated metal, this 39mm zipper pull/keychain will add an elegant touch to your handbag, and serve a purpose. Picture is covered with a glass cabochon. Grip the base and ring and pull away! Or add it to your keys! You could even take the base off of the keyring and use as a pendant on your favorite necklace chain.

Zipper pulls/keychains are shipped in a padded envelope and arrive in a small gift box carefully wrapped in black tissue paper.


Any holders and/or props are only for display purposes and do not come with item listed.

All Harry Potter characters are copyright J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers. All herbal oil blend names and the digital designs on my items are copyright Psychedelic Snowflake. No infringement intended. Items are created with genuine affection and in celebration of one of the best stories EVER.