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Supernatural Essential Oil Perfume Set

Supernatural Essential Oil Perfume Set

29 USD
Any Supernatural fan will love this essential oil perfume set with 4 unique scents based on show 'locations' - Purgatory, The Cage, Heaven and Hell.

Tamanu, hay and patchouli will make you feel like you are in another plane of existence in Purgatory with its earthy undertones and musky base notes.

A blend of cedar woods and oak moss make The Cage a dark almost primal place to be, just as if Lucifer had chosen the scent himself.

Hell boasts a smoky, dangerous mix of tobacco, vetiver and myrrh reminding you that Crowley is always nearby.

Heaven is a stark contrast to them all with an ethereal, playful mix of spruce, ylang ylang and pine that is calming and refreshing.


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Want to use the scent for something other than wearing? Try putting some on a small piece of cloth and placing in the dryer, adding to a scent ring for light bulbs, freshening old potpourri or saturating a cotton ball and placing randomly in your home. And that's just to start!


A mixture of essential oils, flavor oils, CO2s, absolutes and macerations are used. No synthetic fragrances or nature identicals have been used to produce any of the blends, and all sources are natural or organic. Store perfume is FULL of harmful chemicals that cause respiratory issues & trigger migraines (just to name a couple). With EOs, you can be healthy and still smell good!

** Keep in mind that just because the oils are essential or natural doesn’t mean you won’t have an allergic reaction if you’re prone to such – always try on a small area of skin first. Oils are toxic if taken internally, & you should avoid if you’re pregnant. Always keep oil blends away from children, pets & flammable objects. **


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