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'Twas the Night Before Christmas Essential Oil Perfume

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Essential Oil Perfume

24 USD
The Night Before Christmas was one of my favorite Christmas stories growing up - and I still love it. It's a classic, and everyone knows the verses...some of us by heart! I wanted to make a perfume set to celebrate this great story, and after many months of trial and error, I have 3 scents based on text from the story that are very unique - Sugar Plum Visions, New Fallen Snow and Ashes and Soot.

Sugar Plum Visions is just as sweet as it sounds (and tastes). Copaiba balsam, fig, plum and almond are in a jojoba oil base, and they smell good enough to eat (but don't, please).

New Fallen Snow features patchouli, clary sage, cornmint, siberian fir, balsam gurjun and peppermint in a jojoba oil base, and it's delightfully refreshing and earthy.

Ashes & Soot contains petitgrain, cade, muhuhu, vetiver, vanilla and tobacco diluted with jojoba oil, and it's my favorite. It smells just like a cold fireplace.

You get all 3 in this set, but don't wait - it's a seasonal offer only!